TOP-QUALITY Landscaping in St. Louis

Excel Landscaping, renowned for its top-tier lawn care services in St. Louis, goes above and beyond by offering premium design services to its clientele. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Excel Landscaping merges creativity with expertise to transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes. Our team of seasoned professionals meticulously assesses each client's needs, preferences, and property layout to craft bespoke designs that elevate aesthetics and functionality. Whether it's conceptualizing intricate garden layouts, integrating sustainable features, or implementing cutting-edge hardscape designs, Excel Landscaping's design services epitomize innovation and attention to detail.

How Our Design Process Works

1. Initial Contact:
Your journey with Excel Landscaping's design process begins with a simple contact. Reach out to us via phone, email, or through our website, and we'll promptly respond to get the ball rolling.

2. On-Site Consultation:
We believe in personalized service, which is why we schedule an on-site consultation to better understand your vision. During this meeting, our team will discuss your desires, requirements, dreams, and budget constraints. We'll also assess the site, taking into account factors like equipment access, existing elements, and any potential limitations.

3. Design, Estimate, and Proposal:
Armed with the insights gathered during our consultation, our skilled designers will get to work. Utilizing advanced tools like CAD and Photoshop, we'll craft a comprehensive design that brings your vision to life. Alongside the design, we'll provide you with a detailed estimate outlining the total cost of the project. Once the design and estimate are finalized, we'll prepare a project proposal that encompasses the entire installation process, including timelines, costs, and required down payment.

4. Design Presentation:
With the design package ready, we'll arrange a presentation tailored to your preference, whether in person or through email. This package typically includes a detailed design drawing showcasing the proposed layout, along with images of the materials and products we plan to use. Additionally, the proposal(s) outlining the project scope and costs will be presented for your review and consideration.

5. Project Execution:
Upon your approval of the design and acceptance of the proposal, we'll seamlessly transition into the project execution phase. Your project will be placed on our schedule, prioritized based on the receipt of the down payment. Led by our experienced and licensed foreman, our dedicated team will carry out the project with precision, care, and attention to detail, ensuring your vision is brought to life with excellence.


If you're not quite ready to book yet, use the form below with any special requests or inquiries. We're here to answer your questions and provide assistance. We can't wait to hear from you!

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